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Everyone here at Iceberg Media is an online marketing specialist, with a passion for delivering excellent results for our clients and their business. SEO is not an easy job but with a diverse range of established and expert people that works together to deliver great ideas at the end, it will definitely help our clients grow their business.

We carefully selected every highly competent person in our team and we constantly try to employ & produce the leading talent in the industry to deliver results. Our team adapt to the needs of our different clients. Together with collective experiences, creativity along with the proximity to academe and online business, we have been created competitive advantage that leads us to be the number 1 in the industry.

Give us a call and experience excellent assistance. At Iceberg Media we always put our customers first and guarantee that they will not be disappointed with our customer service. With extensive and excellent knowledge on Internet Marketing, Iceberg Media is the perfect company for you!

Martin Royle

Director of Iceberg Media, Martin Royle is a business development specialist, working daily with national and global clients, and insuring the company’s status is one of the world’s leading online marketing partners. He offers expertise in helping new businesses establish footings, including branding, sector leadership and SEO implementation. Martin Royle studied for seven years to achieve HND certification in Business Studies and then followed his BA (Hons) Degree in business enterprise innovations and communication. He also launched—and continues to helm—five companies.

With his rich background in marketing strategies, advertising, social media & digital marketing, online advertising and marketing communications, he is a great leader at the company. Martin Royle’s previous endeavors include SEO4Instructors and SEO4Tradesmen, which generate business via online innovation.

Hans A. Koch

With nearly a decade of expertise in Internet Marketing, Iceberg Media’s Hans Koch specializes in Search Marketing, Search Engine Usability, SEO, increasing ROI via Pay-Per-Click campaigns, and landing page optimization. He is the Founder of several companies, which focuses on Internet marketing, training/education, and has also served as General Manager of WebbROI, and Asian operations.

Hans A. Koch has spoken at seminars and conventions around the world as an Internet aficionado and participated in a widely circulated BBC report regarding his work on Click Fraud; while Wired Magazine profiled his innovative efforts in re-creating the first click fraud detection software for Hans A. Koch went to San Jose State University and studied Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing.